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Renting Frauds: Red Flags

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Rental scams in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and other famous cities are serious threats to the good reputation of cities.

Are going to move to another city and looking for a house to rent and live in? Or are you planning to find a place for temporary living during vacation? Well, beware of renting frauds. You can easily get into a hook of a clever scammer without knowing red flags to avoid such scams.

How Rent Frauds Work

Hoaxes know that getting the right residence or vacation rental can be a tough task, and a good chance is hard to pass up. Such scams have been identified to game some vacation rental websites and notice boards. The take-away: when you’re looking for an apartment, it’s caveat renter — renter be afraid.

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Main Types of Rent Frauds

Fake Rentals

Nowadays people are primarily looking for rental proposals online rather than offline. Because of the vast number of requests, smart people create different websites, apps, online boards, forums where users can add their rental advertisements. For example, Airbnb, the most popular vacation rental online marketplace in the world. Unfortunately, scammers use such tools and services to generate fake timeshare rental scams.

Hoaxed Ads

Some fraudsters copy a real rental or real property listing by editing the email address or other contact data and setting the revised ad on a different site. The updated ad can even use the name of the person who uploaded the original ad. In other events, hijackers have captured the email records of estate owners on popular vacation rental websites.

Signs of Rental Scams: the Most Important Red Flags

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Finally, we can go straight and talk about featured rentals scam alerts that help you to avoid such types of scams. Read the following TOP-3 alerts.

They’re “Out of the Country”

The idea why many hoaxes give that they can’t engage with you in person is they’re tentatively out of the country. As the FTC states on its website, scammers may even make it look realistic.

They sing you to wire money

This is the most certain sign of fraud. There’s never a valid reason to wire money to pay a security deposit, applying fee, initial month’s rent, or vacation rental tax. That’s true even if they transfer you a contract first. Wiring money is identical to transferring cash — once you give it, you have never got it back.

They’re Able to Close a Deal With No Background Data

You want a proprietor or property supervisor who seeks solid residents. If a deemed proprietor asks you to sign a lease by email message and no background on your financial stability, it is likely to seem to be a scam.

How to Catch a Rental Scammer?

To catch a rental scammer you can follow this link and make a report on our blog. Together we will give a fightback! Our duty to keep you informed but also we have additional services to recommend.

Thank you for reading our article till the end! Be smart and stay safe! Read also:Tax Frauds: All You Should Know About It

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