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Reviews of Rosewholesale: Is a Store Real, Safe, and Legit Platform for Customers

Rosewholesale Reviews

We are happy to see you on the pages of our blog and [repare for you a new interesting article. Have you ever bought something online? We think that yes. If you visit or want to buy stuff on rosewholesale.com, review it would be useful for you. That is why, we invite you to read our review. The discussion about this online platform is still ongoing. And many rosewholesale reviews have already been written. However, we decided not to impose our opinion on you, but to provide all the necessary information about it (positive and negative) so that you can make your own decision. On the website, you can find a variety of items for home, men, women, kids, and even jewelry. The store operates lawfully. So it is based on legitimate business practices. It offers different discounts on all products featured on its website from time to time.

A lot of reviews about Rosewholesale don’t stop at the very essence of the company. Therefore, we would like to start by telling you what kind of company it is. It is a Chinese-owned online store headquartered in Shenzhen. It was founded in 2013 in conjunction with online subsidiaries DressLily and NastyDress to expand into the global market and sell brand names for men and women around the world. Specifically, Rosewholesale founded a menswear brand in 2015 and has grown in popularity ever since. It sells classic and newest apparel and jewelry to original apparel wholesalers and online shoppers. When you visit www.rosewholesale.com, reviews are positive but not on all other online forms. However, let’s discuss it later. While sellers bring a lot of inconvenience to shoppers, wholesale stores still bring benefits to shoppers.

  • Firstly, wholesalers offer great prizes and discounts to large buyers. In some cases, it can go up to 65-70% of the market price.
  • Secondly, this store provides free shipping for all shoppers, and finally, among many other benefits, it does not restrict age or gender, making it family-friendly.

According to the Rose Wholesale customer reviews, customs are free from repeated additional purchase costs such as PayPal fees. The store is also open to all buyers from anywhere in the world. By the way, we mentioned discounts several times but do you want to know about it in more detail? All discounts are based on the market price of the purchased items. According to the reviews of Rosewholesale:

  • Product prices vary depending on the categories presented here: women’s clothing and accessories, from $ 4 to $ 50.
  • On the other hand, men’s products are also priced between $ 2 and $ 50. For children, the price ranges from $ 1 to $ 30 depending on the nature of your order.

Where Is Rose Wholesale Located?

The company is headquartered in China. However, do not forget that Rosewholesale is an online store. This means that it is found in every country and every house where its potential clients are. Therefore, let’s consider the specifics of its work so that we can answer an equally important question: “Is Rosewholesale a legit site”?

How to Pay?

Since Rose Wholesale is an online store, an online payment method is of course available. It’s easy to do with PayPal, any credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), or bank transfer. Regarding the latter method, the company helps to get a 5% discount in case of using Western Union. To do this, you just need to contact the service center. The goods can be sent to the buyer only after full payment and the provision of evidence (if necessary).

Rose Wholesale: Returns and Refunds

The return and refund section is very important and helps to get closer to the answer to the question: “Is rosewholesale a safe website”? This is controversial. So let’s find out why. According to the rules on the official website, a possible return of goods and money are the main conditions for the purchase.

After all, this is a guarantee of the seller’s conscientiousness. The period of 30 days is counted from the moment the parcel is received. If the buyers did not receive the package or they were not satisfied with the product they bought (product defect, wrong size), no one can prohibit the return of the item for exchange or refund. More detailed rules are described on the official website. However, this does not mean that the store is complying with them. A lot of negative reviews make us think that way. However, we will discuss them a little later.

Is Rose Wholesale Good in Shipping?

If you are in China, then shipping should be free for you. But foreign buyers would have to pay. First, you choose the product you like and make a purchase. Then the seller processes your application within 4 days and contacts the transportation service. Delivery time depends on the tariff you have chosen.

For example, fixed — 7-25 business days, standard — 6-10 business days, and expedited — 3 to 7 business days. Is Rosewholesale legit due to the shipping policy? Delivery times are quite acceptable for goods from China. Remember how long it takes to add to AliExpress. This is about the same time frame. Therefore, yes, the rules and delivery times are legal and not in doubt.

Rose Wholesale: Rating and Custom Service

Rose Wholesale: Rating and Custom Service

The platform does not have the highest rating. It ranges from 2 to 3.4. Many customers are unhappy with the support service because of long answers or those that do not clarify the situation and do not solve the problem. However, you can contact them at:

  • e-mail;
  • by phone number. By the way, there is a separate phone number for US buyers;
  • online chat.

You can contact during working hours:

  • 6:30 a.m. — 8:30 p.m. (ET);
  • 8:30 a.m. — 11 p.m. (US).

Is Rosewholesale Safe?

After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we did not find convincing information that Rosewholesale is using or transferring to someone the credit card information of its customers. However, you may be alarmed by the low level of service and not solving problems in case of complaints. Unfortunately, roulette plays a role here: you may get lucky and the deal will be safe, or you may lose your money. Many people have complained about items not arriving or even sending, which can also be considered unsafe. So don’t be surprised if you would see “rosewholesale.com scam” when Google. There is a risk of being cheated, so think a few times before ordering something from a store that has security problems. This raises other questions that we must discuss with you.

Rosewholesale: Real or Fake?

Rosewholesale has had a bad reputation lately. It looks like they are not selling what they advertise. It turns out that the company is real, but their work is not conscientious and leaves much to be desired. The products they sell are priced so low in part because they come straight from production.

Therefore, this factor does not alarm potential consumers. It is this ambiguous position that raises questions, including: “Is Rosewholesale scam or legit”? On one of the platforms (TrustPilot), store representatives offer refunds to customers for complaints. However, not all of the answers seem plausible. Many of them appear to be copied, which suggests that they have a bot with an answering machine. This leads to the conclusion that this business is not fake, but not reliable.

Is Rose Wholesale Legit?

This is a legitimate business as Rosewholesale exists and sells merchandise. But regarding their quality, delivery times and the like, these are already other aspects. Fraudulent advertising is definitely not a legitimate business tactic. Long delivery times and poor product quality mean the service isn’t up to par, but it’s legal. That is, a violation of business ethics is not a confirmation of illegality. So Rose Wholesale is legit.

Is Rose Wholesale Clothing a Scam?

Some Rosewholesale customers believe this is a scam. The popular social network Facebook even has a group in which you can share experiences of how they were deceived in this online store. Our seasoned readers can already distinguish between signs of fraud and unfair work. In this case, this is just the second.

Therefore, we want to advise our readers that it is best to listen to the opinions of others when it comes to shopping. Negative reviews help uncover potential risks. If you’re willing to take the risk, that’s up to you. However, do not hesitate to defend your rights later. We hope all of your online purchases would be safe and legal. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon!

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