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Are There Scams on Shopify and Is It Possible to Define Them: Shopify Reviews

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Shopify has long been an important part of eCommerce. Therefore, Shopify scams can be faced by both parties – owners and consumers. Of course, the platform does not stand still and does everything possible to protect its users. It is worth keeping in mind, that some scams can be more than just “Shopify” as they exploit common technologies and trends that are driving online commerce. Therefore, it is important to exercise due diligence when purchasing items online and working with new partners. Last week, we discussed Shopify security. However, are there scams on Shopify? Unfortunately, yes. And it is time to tell you about them. 

Different Scams on Shopify 

Different Scams on Shopify

Most often, fraudsters target consumers, because it is much easier to deceive young people and retirees. Of course, scammers are no smarter than them. The fact is that business owners are more likely to expect fraud and are more aware of new methods. Despite Shopify’s buyer protection, the company still suffers losses due to fraud.

Shopify: AliExpress Scams

Firstly, we would like to make it clear that Shopify is not limited to drop-shipping only on AliExpress because it is a one-stop platform. However, scams happen if one of the parties tries to make a transaction outside the platform, for example, on AliExpress. Such a request is explained by too high commissions. Who among us doesn’t like to save tens of dollars, right? 

Shopify: Fake Stores

Nowadays, it has become popular to run ads on social networks. Therefore, many new brands are aimed at an online audience. In addition, it is financially profitable, because there is no need to spend on outdoor advertising, and the reach of views is high. However, scammers take advantage of this. According to recent research by Fakespot, around 20% of Shopify is fake. Therefore, fake Shopify sales can happen almost every day. The consumer pays for the product but receives nothing in return.

Shopify: Order Scams

Order scams have a strong connection with the triangulation scheme. Scammers create direct sales. How? Imagine that you visit the site, and it is real. You have placed your order and are waiting for it. And you really get it without even thinking that it is a stolen product. Why? The scammers purchased inventory for their website using stolen cards. This type of scam is often confused with Shopify buyer scams. The main difference is that inventory suppliers suffer. After all, when it turns out that the goods were bought illegally, it is they who would lose the goods and money.

Shopify Exchange Scams

Shopify Exchange Scams

It is about the return and exchange of counterfeit goods. It often occurs in the field of postage. The fraudster makes a purchase and then refers to the return policy. As a result, the seller receives a damaged product or other of lower quality. If the seller initially adds a unique identifier.

Shopify: Store Team Scams

Lately, there have been a lot of complaints about the platform experts. They all look about the same. The consumer hires experts to solve a question, and they take time and do not give definite answers. When the client is already desperate, they demand to stop working and full compensation. However, experts insist that they have already completed all the work and even demand the rest of the payment. This is a relatively new type of scam associated with Shopify, so there is still an investigation underway whether it was scammers from the outside or unscrupulous employees.

Shopify Email Scams

Shopify Email Scams

Letters of different contents may come to your e-mail. For example, your payment is not confirmed, an attack has been made on your account, etc. However, the purpose of such letters is the same – to get your personal data and access to your account. You may be asked to follow a link to clarify information. Do not do this under any circumstances. Contact the official representatives and check the information.

Saudi Arabia: Shopify Scams

The platform cares about the comfort of its customers. Therefore, it provided an opportunity to accept payments even in Saudi Arabia. Customers can pay for items in their local currency. Unfortunately, scammers took advantage of this. On various forums, you can find bad reviews that people ended up overpaying large commissions and left without a product.

How to Tell If a Shopify Store Is Legit?

is Shopify Store Legit

One of the best ways to determine the legitimacy of any platform is to look at Shopify reviews. Thanks to them, you would be able to assess the work of a particular seller and make a purchase decision. However, be careful. Sometimes reviews can be customized. Therefore, if any of them seems unnatural to you – the feeling that something like this has already been met – then you should not trust it. Let’s have a look at some reviews.

Shopify Scams on Reddit

When a person is confronted with a scam, they blame the entire platform. The same thing happened with Shopify. On Reddit, they often ask questions and look for victims like them to unite and fight for their rights together. And sometimes just ask for advice like on another platform, if you Google “Shopify scamadviser”. Most of the reviews describe the scams we described above. However, we would like to highlight one useful answer from this platform: “This is a legal business. Unfortunately, some people who use the platform are scammers. And it doesn’t make the entire platform a scam”. 

Be careful and always check updates on the scam world!

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