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Skype Scams: How to Detect And Avoid Skype Fraud Without Being Scammed

skype fraud

Skype scams are widespread among other types of online chatting scams. There are various kinds of it on the Net. The team of 123 ChargeBack decided to make its list of Skype scams and the ways on how to avoid them. Continue reading to know more about it.

What Are Skype Scams?

These scams occur in the video chatting platform called Skype involving blackmailing to receive a victim’s money or personal data. Because Skype keeps the anonymity of its users Skype phishing scams are very common and dangerous. Mostly, all of them have the same core – video and text chats with the aim of further blackmailing.

Anti-Skype Scammers List: How to Spot Scamming Activity

skype scams

Skype Sex Scam

People built their fortunes by stealing money from victims. But how sex through video or text chat can be a source of blackmailing? Let’s imagine the story:

“You are a man, in one good evening, some random girl wrote to you on Skype and started chatting with you. She has sent you some erotic photos of her, asked you to do the same. Once you send some of them she wrote that she is very horny and wants to speak with you while masturbating. You accepted a video call from her and she masturbated on her web-camera while talking with you. You did the same. A few days have passed. Some unknown person wrote to you on Facebook and send you a link on YouTube where was uploaded the video of you doing masturbation. This person told you to pay $3000 or this video will be sent to all your friends”.

Or it could happen the same as in the next story:

“You are a married woman. Some handsome man started chatting with you, sending erotic pictures of him. You did the same. One day he wrote to you the number of your husband and threatened that he would tell everything to him. Or you can pay him $1000 and he will delete everything”.

It is a classic example of Skype video scams. It happens mostly in the US and Arabic countries. Moreover, you can get even not only shamed but also punished by the state if you are a citizen of an Arabic country for such actions.

So what could we recommend you to do to skip such a scam?

  • Don’t trust your personal information for some unknown users;
  • Don’t perform sex video chats with them;
  • Beware of accepting video calls from those you don’t know;
  • Don’t click on links added in the chat with them.

Fake Skype Tech Support Scam

skype video scams

How do skype scams work? You may receive an incoming phone call or text message from a person claiming he or she is the official manager of Skype. What you may hear? For example, that there is a danger of scamming attacks on you and you need to click or install some security app. Or you will have to do anti-hacking actions during a video conversation with a manager. Finally, you can see a message there written the following stuff: “Attention, dear user of Skype! Your account is under attack by scammers. Please, follow this link to restore your account’s login and password”.

What will happen next? You will get dangerous hidden malware, lose control of your Skype account, or be blackmailed by unknown scammers. Remember: Skype technical support manager won’t call you or write to you from a personal account.

How to Report a Skype Scam?

Firstly, write to support Skype to have a further assistant. Secondly, write to the police or/and any specific legal body that fights against online scams, blackmails, etc. Thirdly, make a report on our website to get some professional help and tell your story to the rest of the community! Let’s give a fightback to those scammers! We are here to help you and other people. Start restoring justice right now!

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