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How to Recognize a Steam Card Scam and Not Become a Victim of Fraud

steam card scam

Scams are spreading more and more every day, and unfortunately, we cannot always prevent fraud before we become a victim. The more we know about scam schemes, the more chances we have not only not to be in trouble ourselves, but also to help other people avoid being scammed. Today we are going to take a look at one of the popular scam schemes called the Steam card scam.

What Is a Steam Wallet Gift Card?

what is a steam wallet gift card

A Steam Gift Card is a card that you can use to purchase software, game items, equipment or video games. Usually, it is given to acquaintances or friends so that they buy themselves what they want.

What Is a Steam Card Scam and How Do Steam Gift Card Scams Work

steam wallet gift card scam

Increasingly, hackers are calling users and forcing them to buy Steam gift cards to pay off debts, post bail, pay taxes or collect winnings. Attackers often impersonate government officials, such as the US Internal Revenue Service, to convince the fraud victim to comply with their requests.

Steam Wallet Gift Cards must be purchased from a general store. The attackers instruct their victims to remove the protective cover and dictate the code over the phone after the wallet codes are purchased and activated by the merchant.

But Why Do Scammers Ask for Steam Cards

steam gift card scam

As soon as you dictate your card security code to the scammers, they will take advantage of this and buy different goods on Steam. It’s no secret that items on Steam can also be sold or traded. As soon as they sell the purchased item, they will be able to withdraw the money back to their wallet using third-party platforms to sell or buy items.

How to Know If Steam Wallet Gift Is Legit or Not

is steam wallet gifts legit

To avoid falling prey to scammers, be aware that gift cards can only be used for purchases on Steam.

For money on the card, you can only purchase game items, video games, equipment, and software. You are a victim of card scams on Steam if you are asked to pay for anything else with such gift cards. Never share your Steam Gift Card code with strangers.

What to Do If You Are the Victim of a Steam Wallet Gift Card Scam

why do scammers ask for steam cards

If you may have been the victim of a Steam Gift Card scam and have purchased multiple Gift Cards, you should return them. To do this, you can visit the Consumer Service Center. The staff will examine the cards and tell you if you can get the full purchase price back. Activated but unused cards can usually be returned at any retail store on Steam.

The more we know about different scam schemes, the more chances we have of not becoming a victim of fraud. Share this information with your loved ones and acquaintances so that they also do not become victims of scammers.

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