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Steam Scams: Definition, Types And Ways How to Report Various Steam Scams

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Steam Skin Scam

A Steam scam is a kind of phishing scamming scheme that is occurred in the Steam community. One user tries to convince another one to make a trade (deal, gift, or business transaction) under unfair assumptions. Fraudsters usually use deception to influence their victims that want to get items or skins used in the game (Dota 2, CS: GO, LOL, etc).

Being scammed on Steam is not something rare or unusual. Hunting down victims, scamming gamers and traders is the way how Steam scammer gets paid. To perform a scam such infamous users pursue others to go into bargains after which one gets a premium look of the weapon, costume, exclusive cards, or any other digital objects created especially by game developers for their games.

Steam Scams: the Most Infamous Ones

steam scams

Steam frauds can be performed in various ways. Read the following information to know the most infamous scams in our Steam scammer list.

  • Skin switching – You talk about the deal offer including the second user previously, and the object they put into the bargaining proposal seems like the skin but isn’t as expensive as the initial proposition.
  • Asking/spamming – A player spams sales offers to request high-value things for nothing or little in return in hopes that you misclick and admit the offer legal one.
  • CS: GO group exchange – a player provides you an offer to buy a precise class CS: GO thing (Factory New), but the object in the trade is of a cheaper quality (Field-Tested). Regularly the skin switch is constructed in a counter-deal.
  • Hidden object – A user suggests a barter that involves lots of your low-value objects (cards, crates, etc.), but also carries a high-value object lurked somewhere in the center. It is one of the steam special scams.
  • Scammers propose skin duplication – a fraud attempts to multiply your items, but first, you should exchange your items. After getting your objects, the user checks your information and holds your items. Are you still guessing how to scam on Steam users?

Steam Support: Scammed Victims Looking For Help

You can visit the official page of Steam to get real support. Steam authorities know the problem that there are different ways how to scam on Steam. Read the following information to know more:

  1. Visit the account of the scamming user;
  2. Press the ‘More’ button to drop-down related at the edge right of the block;
  3. Click ‘Report Violation’;
  4. Choose the violation (example, ‘Attempted Trade Scam’) and click ‘Submit Report’.

Do you want to know more about scams? Read more:

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