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Pros and Cons of Team National: Is It Trustworthy or Is Team National a Scam?

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Today we will discuss Team National. Probably, you have heard about them. If not, it will still be interesting for you. This company has been working since 1997, and it inspires confidence. However, many experts argue that there is reason to doubt the legality of the company’s actions. Should the company be suspected of fraud? We decided to figure it out and share the review with our readers. Enjoy the reading!

Team National USA

According to the information on the Team National website, it is a member savings company using direct selling. Dick Loehr is its founder, who designed the membership dues savings plan to provide value in all areas through collective purchasing power. The company provides consumers with the opportunity to save money and get additional services related to the products they regularly buy. They believe in helping others and connecting people and families, strengthening them, and providing more opportunities. Since their inception, membership savings have continued to grow and develop and are of immense value. According to Team National reports, they work with industry leaders to deliver quality and excellent service. The variety of products and savings truly make the membership plan suitable for everyone. An Affiliate Income Plan provides excellent primary or secondary income. Team National Inc is located in South Florida. You may agree that describing the company’s benefits looks promising and looks like a lucrative business opportunity. However, is it all the same in practice? Let’s figure it out.

Is Team National a Good Investment?

Let us guess that Team National business is not a good investment and business opportunity? Why do we think so? There are a lot of claims that it is a pyramid scheme. And we discussed previously all disadvantages of such companies. Indeed, it is not such a pyramid technically because they sell discount memberships, and they don’t need to recruit people to the company. So, how does this Team National business exchange work? You may be offered a range of membership discounts. In other words, you pay a certain amount to get discounts in stores and on certain services. The company buys goods in bulk from other companies so that it gets discounts.

And then it offers these discounts to its members. Do you know how to save on advertising and attract as many people as possible? Ask to share positive reviews on various forums, social media posts, and so on. In return, these advertisers receive commissions and bonuses for selling memberships or recruiting people to participate in the company’s opportunities.

And it is one of the most common Team National pyramid scheme complaints. What’s wrong with the fact that the company checks reviews? The fact is that often such reviews are written by people who had nothing to do with Team National before.

Team National: Better Business Bureau Rating

On BBC there are a lot of complaints concerning problems with a product or service and some about sales. It is great that the company answered all of them. But, let’s have a look at the sense of them and answers.

Complaint: Problems with Product/Service

  • The man claims that he fulfilled the conditions of the company and requested a refund from them within three days. However, the company claims that they did not receive such a request and that the client missed the deadline for a possible refund. This complaint to the BBC is a rather lengthy discussion between the victim and the company. The Team National insists that its actions are completely legal and provides evidence in the form of emails. However, the client convinces that on the second day after debiting money from his credit card, he contacted the company and asked for a refund. The BBC refused the company’s request to delete this complaint or mark it as resolved.
  • Another similar claim for reimbursement was fully satisfied. The couple bought the membership but were disappointed and requested a refund. They claimed that they were promised an opportunity to earn money but in the end, they constantly talked about what a great business opportunity it was and even asked for the contacts of their friends and relatives to invite them to become a member of the company. The refund was $ 900.

Are these Team National scam complaints prove that it is a scam? Not yet, it looks more like an unscrupulous company, and not a fraud. By the way, the BBC rating is A+. Let’s figure it out further.

Is Team National Legit?

The company sells discounted legal memberships that people can use to save money on certain costs. They also pay their IMDs, as they say. However, is Team National MLM the best way for you to earn money? It is up to you, but our team does not recommend it as any other MLM company. We hope that our Team National review will help to make a decision. They have a lot of signs of legitimate business. According to statistics, more than 70% of participants lose money and do not receive the promised high profit from sales. Let’s take a look at the numbers before the pandemic situation in the world. About 98.5% earned less than $1303 a year. And the costs are $ 1500-3000 annually. As you can see, members do not even return their money spent but go into minus. So, is Team National legit? Even due to a bad statistic, yes, it is. The members do get certain discounts in stores. And you can get acquainted with a detailed list of Team National stores on their website or at your representative. Isn’t there a single chance to make money with this company?

As with most of these companies, you can make money in two ways: hire people to sell memberships and get commissions on sales, or receive bonuses from your personal sales. And such a trick officially shuts down the company from closure and accusations of a pyramid scheme. You will not be paid directly to recruit staff. But for any sales that those you brought in can make, yes.

This means that members need to focus on hiring to make money. The few people who are successful in the company and earn more than $ 10,000 a year consider themselves to be sales managers and this is their main job. Such people have free time, they are not shy to make hundreds of phone calls to offer company services, etc. That is, at first you are promised quick earnings and combined with your main job, but in fact, this is not the case. Is the National PR Team legit? Yes, the team is legal, as the company is legal.

Is Team National a Scam?

Before answering this question, let’s take a closer look at the Team National products and services. We have already found out that the company does not sell products, but a membership, which allows discounts. In fact, this is a unique offer. And it helps them stand out in the market. According to the Team National reviews, services are divided into 4 parts:

  • The team saves up to 65% on jewelry and home furnishings.
  • Group purchase of energy-saving:
    • new and used cars and parts;
    • financial services;
    • preferential health insurance plan;
    • car and truck rental;
    • communication services;
    • travel and more.
  • National Business Exchange Team Saves Money for Thousands of Local and Small Businesses Nationwide
  • E-commerce. Commission up to 30% from over 100 popular and branded retail stores.

Pros and Cons of Team National

Among the pros are:

  • The true story of the foundation of the company. This is important because many similar companies lie about their history. The company has been on the market for 24 years. It helps to give a negative answer to the question: “Is Team National scam?
  • Of course, the company had positive reviews.
  • The company does not have a monthly sales quota. However, you need to sell 2 memberships a year to remain an active company.

Among the cons are:

  • It is too expensive.
  • You must pay some hidden monthly costs. For example, success club, website, TN all-access subscription.
  • Only 1-2 out of 200 earned more than $ 10 000.

Is Team National Scam or Real?

Officially, the company is not a scam, as it offers real services. However, you are given inflated promises that are not true. This is why there are so many reviews and allegations of fraud.

In conclusion, we would like to give you a little advice: you should not trust companies that have even remote signs of a financial pyramid. Take care of yourself and your finances. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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