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The Most Common Scams on Facebook Marketplace in Details

buying on Facebook marketplace

You heard about Facebook, didn’t you? And many of you are actively using it. Facebook is a big platform that can be used for both personal and business purposes. You have probably noticed that not all Facebook profiles are real people. There are also profiles of various shops, hotels, etc. Since people spend a lot of time online, in particular on Facebook, it is a great idea to create a page to sell something. However, when you are buying stuff on Facebook, do not forget about online scams and be careful. Today we want to tell you about Facebook marketplace scammers and give examples of their scams so that you never get into the scams’ networks.

The Facebook marketplace: what it is and how to become a part of it?

This is a type of online store where some can buy a product or service by paying with a credit card or cash, while others sell it. If you are a customer, then it will be enough just to be a Facebook user. And if you want to sell something constantly, then you need a Facebook marketplace profile. Like any selling platform, it also has a Facebook marketplace buyer protection program. However, this does not prevent fraudsters from actively expanding their activities. In the case of active advertising on Facebook, the coverage of the profile grows, and, consequently, the number of potential buyers. Besides, it is much more convenient to immediately go to the messenger to place an order, and not wait for a call from the manager.

Scams on the Facebook marketplace: common examples and how to avoid them

buying stuff on Facebook

When you are buying on the Facebook marketplace, you should be careful. Scammers do not care where they are, the main thing for them is to get their benefit. Facebook marketplace buyer protection does not cope 100%, therefore, to protect yourself on your own, you should always be interested in the possible scams. Let’s take a look at some of them.

I wanted a laptop but got useless hardware or nothing

Nowadays, when you can even work from home, using your mind, computer, and the Internet, it is important to have working electronic devices with all the updates. Imagine that you are buying on Facebook a used laptop. You contact the seller, agree on a price, and a personal meeting. However, at the last moment, the seller announces that he will not be able to come. Therefore, it asks you to pay for the purchase online, and the laptop will transmit with tracking. There can be two options for the development of events:

  1. You will receive a laptop, but it will not work.
  2. No laptop was sent to you.

To avoid such situations, always check the product for defects before paying. Do not change the terms of the deal that you agreed in advance.

Gave the item for free

Sellers can also fall prey to a Facebook marketplace scam. The first rule is to use only known payment systems. And the second is that even if the buyer paid for the goods through PayPal or Venmo, you need to be careful. Let us give you an example related to the second rule. You have made a good deal with a buyer and waiting for the money to your credit card. And the money does come but not in one payment but for example 40. It seems strange to you but since you have the money, you send the goods in good faith. The next day, Venmo freezes your account and collects your money. What does this mean? Most likely, the buyer used stolen credit cards to pay for the goods. And since you are now involved with money transactions through stolen credit cards, you will not be able to get your money back.

If you have even the slightest doubt about the amount received on your account, always call the bank and specify, that is how you can protect yourself and the scammer will not be able to leave you without goods and money.

Came across a fake Facebook page

People create fake accounts for different purposes. For example, someone wants to check their boyfriend or girlfriend for loyalty, while someone is ashamed of their creativity and wants to put it on the Internet under a fictitious name. Scammers create such fake accounts that they cannot be tracked down. Fake Facebook pages question the Facebook marketplace safety. Always carefully review the seller or buyer page. Usually, fake pages are often blocked, so scammers create new ones. Thus, you may not find old posts or photos on the page. Let us explain why such pages are dangerous with an example. You are buying through the Facebook bike. The seller says that he will not be able to meet with you, but his friend will come and show you everything. You are satisfied with the inspection, pay money and consider yourself lucky. However, the next day you try to take your bike, the alarm goes off. This will tell you that the bike has a legal owner and did not sell it. It means that you were scammed on the Facebook marketplace.

Cheap fake, but worth like Gucci

Everyone has known for a long time that if the price is much lower than in the official store, then this is a fake. Therefore, scammers put the price, for example, on a Gucci bag, not two times cheaper but at 100-200 dollars. Here you see a nice discount, and the seller’s arguments seemed convincing why the new bag is cheaper and you decide to buy. However, having received your parcel, you find out that it is not Guchi at all but a cheap Chinese fake. Next time, insist on a personal meeting to check the quality of the purchased item.

Meetings only during daytime and in public places

The last example does not describe the scam itself but warns you as a buyer or seller of the importance of adhering to security measures. Never agree to meet at someone’s home or late at night. If you need to go into the house to pick up furniture, never go alone. Such warnings are dictated not only by the risk of robbery. A scammer enters your house, comes up with a heartbreaking story about how urgently he needs to use your computer for a maximum of 10 minutes. You allow a person, and for example, he will receive information about bank accounts by running a virus. Facebook buyer protection cannot help you in such a situation because it happened out of Facebook.

I’ve been scammed on the Facebook marketplace

scams on Facebook marketplace

Despite being scammed by scammers, Facebook marketplace complaints continue to increase. And all because the security policy is not reliable enough and partly Facebook is also to blame. However, a Facebook marketplace report buyer can help to block a scammer, and other people will not be affected by this scheme. Forewarned is forearmed, isn’t it?

Knowing the specific or similar examples you can prevent scams, that is why it is important to report about them. None of us wants to be deceived and lose not only money but also trust in others. If this happens to you, do not despair. Treat this twist of fate as one of life’s lessons. If you’ve been a victim of a Facebook scam, please share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Stay tuned and we will share with you equally interesting fraud schemes. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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