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The Most Relevant Information About Aliexpress Safe Policy and the Ways of Avoiding Scams

AliExpress scam

Buying what we like cheaper is almost everyone’s dream, isn’t it? Recently, we often hear about aliexpress, and many people already make purchases through this platform online. However, is it safe to use AliExpress? Do scammers use Aliexpress to trick gullible buyers? If the answer is yes, how can you avoid this and protect yourself? You will find the answers to all your questions in our article. We hope that you will enjoy reading a new article about scammers on AliExpress!

AliExpress is a famous marketplace

Aliexpress is a Chinese online sales platform that allows sellers to retail goods, mostly Chinese, at low prices. International delivery, however, may take several months. The low price of goods is explained by buying from the manufacturer directly and without intermediaries. And the second reason is that the product is not real, and fraudsters may also be involved. However, it is difficult to answer the question is AliExpress a scam, in the affirmative, since many people are happy with the online store.

The famous AliExpress scams

AliExpress safe

AliExpress is safe when the buyer adheres to all safety rules and is careful when shopping online. Knowing the scheme of deception helps to avoid it or to recognize something similar to it. Therefore, if you have a premonition that you might contact a scammer, reviews on AliExpress will help you verify or refute this. Now, let’s take a look at some examples of scams.

Is AliExpress payment safe?

The platform’s policy provides an opportunity to cancel the order and return your money to the card, however, here too, the scammers found a way to deceive the buyer. The seller may offer you refund money by using PayPal. You agree, close the dispute between you and the seller, and then submit the required details for payment. After the expiration of the consumer protection period, the fraudulent seller opens a dispute against you about the return of the transferred funds. Do you already understand what the catch is? You have changed places, now the scammer can claim that you are the seller from whom they bought something but you never sent it. You should remember that if the order is canceled, the money will be automatically returned to the card with which you paid, you should not try to speed up this process.

You received a fake tracking number

Only a review on AliExpress can help you to avoid such a situation. Imagine that you bought something, paid for it and a seller send you a tracking number. It seems like a fair purchase, doesn’t it? However, it may happen that you have been specifically given a tracking number for another customer’s package. When another buyer receives the package, both he/she and you will note that the goods have been delivered and you will not be able to prove that you did not receive anything.

Please close the dispute on AliExpress

It is a common AliExpress scam. You initiated a dispute to get your money back. But the buyer contacted you and asked to close it, as this affects the review AliExpress and the reputation of the seller. As a token of gratitude, he/she promised discounts on the next purchases or send the product when it is in stock along with the gift. The seller also refers to the fact that you can reopen the dispute at any time. You decide to go to a meeting out of the kindness of your heart, or you liked the idea with gifts, and when the parcel is never sent to you, you lose the chance to get your money back.

AliExpress fake reviews

People are used to trusting the reviews of people who write simply and a little about the seller’s services or the quality of the buying product. Larger reviews resemble an essay and there is doubt that this was written by a real buyer. But why do we believe so that short reviews cannot be the fake AliExpress customer reviews? Of course, they can, because often we do not even read the reviews themselves, but look at their number, believing that it is safer to buy the most discussed product.

Please buy the product again, but for $0.01

The first case may not always be a fraud, especially if the goods have already been received by you, but for some reason, it needs to be replaced. However, the seller can take advantage of re-shipment, that is, this option is not the only possible one. Fraud means that you make a new transaction and if a dispute is opened, not the first amount of payment will be returned to you, but $0.01. If you thought about such an outcome in advance and extended the protection of the customer for the first transaction, then AliExpress safe policy would protect you.

Sending the item by the wrong method

When you have the opportunity to choose a delivery method, then you choose the most convenient and profitable for you. However, you noticed that the seller sent the package differently, moreover, the most expensive one. You have a right to pay for shipping as originally planned, and the seller must cover the difference. Besides, it can be a provocation so that you open a dispute before receiving the goods since there is only one option available. Thus, the product may not arrive at all or be defective, and you have already used the only right to protection. It means that this option, which makes AliExpress safe to use is not enough. That is why the initiation of three disputes in the main categories should be available: quality, payment, delivery.

You must pay the extra fee

It may sound pathetic and dramatic but you don’t owe anyone anything. Especially if all the terms of the deal have already been met. This is not your problem, that the promotion for the product is over, and the seller forgot to indicate this information on the site, or that the cost of delivery to your country has become higher. The seller had to anticipate such options in advance.

As you already understood, there is no unequivocal answer to the question: “How safe is AliExpress”? Do not be afraid to shop online, you just have to be careful and sometimes listen to negative reviews AliExpress.

How to use AliExpress and avoid scams?

review on AliExpress

The difference between shopping online and offline is that when you buy online you cannot check the product. The video review that the seller can send you does not count, since you can not be sure that it is the product on the video that will be sent to you in the end. However, answering the question is AliExpress safe to use? We are leaning towards a positive answer since the chance of a full or partial refund is possible. And if this did not happen, then it is not the platform itself that is to blame but the scammers. You should remember such simple tips for avoiding scams:

  • google “www AliExpress com review” and check what other buyers think about the seller;
  • check the seller in the AliExpress scammer list;
  • do not hesitate to start a dispute first directly with the seller, and then declare it to AliExpress, if necessary;
  • carefully read the ad about the product so that you buy exactly what you need;
  • read the seller’s guarantees on the website;
  • pay and issue a refund only through AliExpress;
  • if you have even the slightest doubt about the seller’s bona fides, do not purchase.

Remember these tips and use them as an algorithm when deciding whether to make an online purchase through AliExpress.

Today we discussed the ways of scams on another online platform that sells goods. Despite the risk of getting into fraudulent networks, purchases through AliExpressare reliable and safe, because the number of positive reviews exceeds reviews about fraud. It is better to spend more time choosing products, gathering information about the seller, reading the refund policy, than finding yourself empty-handed and without money later. Have you heard about all the scam methods described in the article? Which ones have become new to you? We will be glad if you share with us in the comments. Thank you for reading our article to the end. Our team will continue to reveal to you the secrets of scammers and how to protect yourself against them. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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