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Travel in Thailand Scam: Miserable Vacation

Thai scam

Touring, sunbathing, skiing, visiting sightseeings — who doesn’t like a nice vacation? You can relax, enjoy traveling and make your life full of great memories. But you are extremely vulnerable when you want to rest – it is a perfect time to get scammed by tourist scams.

What are tourist frauds? It is one of the most popular phishing hoaxes schemes. A scammer tries to deceive a victim with one of his or her tricks: say that a hotel is closed when you arrive, to sell you tickets on a bus that does not exist, etc.

Tourist scams are the most common nowadays among all the others. You can find them on social media, travel apps, and official travel websites. These tricky noses put their traps in the form of advertisements all over the Net to catch victims. What are they? Continue reading to know more.

Travel Frauds: Peculiarities & Distinctive Features

Thai scams

One travel scam has a lot in common with another one. Let’s see the unique characteristics of this category by highlighting the main features.

  • Are occurred with think-fast situations: all vacation plans require fast thinking because you should pre-order a lot of things like tickets from one country to another, accommodation, fees, etc. At every stage, you can trap into one travel scam or another one.
  • Can be organized by one single scammer or evil frauding group: for instance, you can be stuck in Thailand with no place to live because some guy scammed you and did not give accommodation after being paid in advance; or you could have been tricked by a phishing scamming website.
  • You can be tricked at every stage: as we said before Thai scams like the rest of tourist frauds, can be occurred at any time. You can lose your money by being tricked by a false driver that you pre-order a month earlier because he has a hard schedule, or by going on a fake bus or connecting to fake-free wi-fi habs.
  • Exotic traveling scams (mostly, Thai scams) are performed on the grounds of bad-English understanding: taxi overcharge, group Photo Offer (when you take a photo and when you are told it costs money), a friendly guy that is here to help you with ATM because you don’t understand what is written there.
  • Begging for help: some scammers pretend to be people with disabilities, pregnant to make you feel pity for them and ask you to donate.
  • Transexual schemes: Thailand scams and some other Asian scams are well-known for sex frauding schemes where a man pretends to be a pretty woman-prostitute but eventually it comes out with interesting details.

Are You Going to Thailand? Beware One of Thai Scamming Schemes

travel club scams

The next part of the article will be dedicated to scams that primarily occurred in Thailand. Read the following TOP-4 sorts of scams:

Tuk-tuk driver fraud

Such a Thai scam has one key feature: a scammer is a tuk-tuk driver that has a secret agreement with other scammers from different spheres of social life (owners of hostels, administrators of cheap cafes, fake jewelers, etc). They try to convince their passengers to go to another accommodation, shop or sightseeings, lie that wat (Buddha temple, Grand Palace) or your hotel is closed right now.

A driver is an executor of transferring you from a fat stream of gullible tourists to scamming hands of his or her friends. Such scams in Thailand almost every day and it is almost impossible to catch a tuk-tuk driver.

The driver is lying, he gets rewarded for delivering you to the overcharged shop, unimpressive temple, or terrible cheap hotel.

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Travel club scams

Yes, there are a lot of fake travel clubs in Thai. There’s even a whole fraudulent tourist club not far away from Bangkok airport, where the travel agents will tell you they’ve never heard a hotel you booked previously but can happily provide a room at another company. Be very attentive about travel club scams in Thailand.

The Somboondee Restaurant fraud

Somboondee Seafood Market is the most infamous restaurant in Thailand. He is so bad that locals will never eat there. But if you will ask tuk-tuk drivers where you can eat tasty food they will probably advise you to visit this restaurant because they are being paid for such victims. As you can see, it is easy to get scammed in Thailand. We recommend you to read Google reviews and feedback on Tripadvisor if you want to visit someplace.

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Fake baht

This is a fraud on a fraud. When you try to pay for items with a banknote, the tradesman will pretend it is spurious. The 1000 Baht note (about US$33) is most infamous for that. The tradesman gets it out the back to examine more closely, but that’s where they interchange your original note for a false. You put the counterfeit away and pay for your goods with a different note. You just paid twice the asking cost AND you got stabbed with a counterfeit note.

Never let banknotes out of your vision, or if you’re delivering over large denomination bills, have a close look at the continuing numbers first and let the tradesman see you do it.

Are you shocked by so many scams in Thailand? We know your concerns. Unfortunately, there are dozens of schemes and we would need several articles to describe all of them. Thailand is a tourist city for millions of people.

Are You Scammed in Thailand?

You can follow this link and complete a form to make a report. Share your story with us. Together we can restore justice or at least try to do so!

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