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Twitter scams: What You Should Know About Fraudulent Scams On Twitter

how to contact twitter security scams

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms all over the world! More than 340 million users, 186 million are using Twitter every day, communicating with each other, sharing thoughts and ideas! There are up to 500 million tweets sent every day. Such a result was succeeded for 15 years (since 2006).

Moreover, according to the Pew Research Center statistics, 1/5 of adult Americans use Twitter as the prime social media platform. Of course, such an enormous community has a vast number of people that come here to scam (twitter scam) others instead of chatting, finding friends, expressing opinions, performing qualified service.

What Are Twitter Scams?

Twitter frauds have different shapes and forms. They can occur from the side of bots, users, even employees of the platform. Fortunately, in most cases, such fraudster’s tricks can be easily detected and you can avoid fraudulent scams on Twitter.

So what are they? All scams have the same goal – to trick you! Their target is to steal your money or private information. Don’t be so trustful and perform some general protective means, listed in the article, to don’t get on the hook of a fishing scammer.

How Do These Tricks Work On Twitter?

Such kinds of fraud can be realized by a scammer in various ways. For example, they can trick you by proposing a stay-at-home work, or encourage you to give money to promote you becoming a star, or offering you to become followed by some famous influencer. We will speak a little bit later about it.

Twitter Message Scams: How You Can Be Tricked

Twitter message scams

We gathered the list of most popular twitter scams and frauds so you could spot them from first sight.

Offers to Work At Home

It is one of the most popular scams among the others, especially during the Corvid-19 pandemic. Work-at-home and freelancing are widespread, because of quarantine measures, lockdowns, development of online shopping, etc. That’s why fishing scamming chats, emails, and tweets offering to work at home with stable income always find their victims.

Offers to Buy Or Watch Course

The same thing happens as in the case, represented above. Instead of leading you to real product scammers will steal your data or, instead of it, the site will require you to fill-up the form. Again, only to steal your number, email, name, etc to continue using it for their purpose.

Making a Fake Friendship

Twitter users can use this platform to have some new friends. For some people, it is crucially important to have somebody to speak during quarantine restrictions, isolation, and Covid-19 spreading. When such “friends” try to know your private information covering such actions in a form of friendly chats. Beware of those fake friends and never share with somebody you know only from social media important information.

A proposition to Play a Game

The idea lays on the surface: under the cover of funny online game to know each other better, scammers make forms and questions to make you tell important information that is generally used for secret passwords: the first name of your mother, your date of birth, the date of your wedding, the nickname of your first pet, etc.

Email From Officials of Twitter

It is also a general variant of Twitter scams, where scammers do everything so you could believe that you have received an email from Twitter’s officials. They can copy the design of such emails, apply Twitter’s identical signs, and even make similar mail. Still, the original email address is in the sole proprietorship of the company, so scammers can’t use it. The employees of Twitter can use the only @twitter.com. Everything else is a scam! For example, @twiter.com, @tvitter.com, @e.twitter.com, etc.

Romantic Or Dating Scams On Twitter

The next kind of scam is directed to all love seekers that are so trustful to their online daters. Because your open heart fraudsters see an opportunity to scam you! They use a similar strategy to fake friends, but it is even more dangerous. They can ask you to send not online private info but also nude/erotic photos. When they may use the opportunity, dating sites, to blackmail you, etc.

How to Avoid Twitter Scams?

how to contact twitter security scams

How to distinguish scams from real offers?

Mostly, scammers won’t give you the whole picture about your job (what will you do, for how many hours, how much money, etc). Also, they will try to grab you from Twitter’s chat, the platform itself, and transfer you by phishing link to a scamming website. When you follow this link, the computer automatically stores malware as you survey the website.

How to distinguish scams from real courses?

Again, the main goal of such advertisements is to make you click on the link. They won’t say much about the content of the course, its price, or something certain. They may even send false reviews, screenshots of chats, etc.

How to distinguish such scams from real emails?

Look closely at the email. If it is not @twitter.com it means you find a scammer.

How to find out such frauds from real datings?

Check up your future love by looking at his or her chat messages. Avoid sending other sensitive photos, detailed information from your life.

How to Contact Twitter Security Scams?

You can always write to Twitter’s Support to get some help. Also, the platform has safety and security settings. There, for example, you can turn off your location, hide your personal information.

For additional help, you can report about your scammer due to our special form. The team of 123 ChargeBack together with our partner can help you and other people to don’t get caught by scammers!

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