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What Is a Logic Bomb and What Can I Do to Prevent It: Does It Have Any Other Names

What Is a Logic Bomb

Last week we discussed 51 Attacks with you, and now we have some interesting information about the logic bomb. It is malicious code that is secretly introduced into a computer network, operating system, or software. It remains inactive until a certain situation occurs. When this condition is met, such a bomb is launched, destroying the system by destroying data, deleting files, or erasing the hard drive. However, they are not technically malware. They are usually inserted by someone who knows the internals of a system. For example, when a disgruntled employee builds logic bombs into a company’s network. And because they are triggered by certain conditions, logic bombs can go undetected for a long period until they go off under coding conditions. What is another name for a logic bomb? It is a slag code, and it can be destructive. There are several examples of slag codes destroying the servers of large financial institutions and other organizations. Anything that can damage the servers of large companies or institutions can cause serious damage to the organization itself and the people it serves. Therefore, let’s find out more about the logic bombs virus. Enjoy reading!

How to Recognize Logic Bombs?

Among the characteristics of which of the following describes a logic bomb:

  • Inactivity for a specified period. In other words, they do not mean an immediate explosion. This is why people who attack from within the target system often use them to cover their tracks.
  • The so-called payload before they go off is unknown. However, what does this load mean? It is a component of a malicious program that performs malicious activity. It can lead to the spread of spam on the infected system or the theft of valuable data.
  • Caused by certain conditions. The slag code detonator is a condition that must be met. It is this function that leaves it unnoticed for a long time. The trigger can be the exclusion of an employee from the company’s payroll or the date of an important event.

Once a system has been infected, what is the method of operation of a logic bomb malware program? The system can be sabotaged or important data can be deleted in case of infection. Let’s check if you understand how to define an attack according to its characteristics. Which of these could not be defined as a logic bomb?

  • David was removed from the company’s register and all data erased;
  • Someone sends spam emails to everyone in the company;
  • The hard drive was reformated after Mary left the company.

Which of the following statements about a logic bomb is false?

  • It works only when the trigger begins:
  • The same level of destruction in any case:
  • It helps to sabotage the company.

Think and check the answers at the end of our article. We hope it would be an easy task for all our readers.

How to Prevent Logic Bombs?

How to Prevent Logic Bombs?

If the necessary steps are taken at the time, then any malicious threats can be avoided. For example:

  • Use reliable antivirus software. It would be able to block threats and automatically adapt to potential new ones.
  • Do not download anything from unknown portals. Free software is great, but always remember that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Therefore, it is better to trust your cyber security with trusted programs.
  • Remember to keep your operating system up to date. After all, these updates can help in the fight against various threats.

Do you remember our little test? So in both questions, the answer is B. We hope you get it. If you still have some questions, don’t be shy and ask. We would be happy to help you in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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