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U.S. Freedom Checks Review: Are They a Real Way to Make Big Money or a Scam

u.s. freedom checks review

Could you name a person who would not like to receive additional money? Especially when you are told that this money is your legal supplement or is part of a government payment. Probably only the lazy did not hear about the U.S. Freedom Checks. Their advertisements are constantly played on the radio. However, what do the U.S. Freedom Checks reviews say? Are they trustworthy and legal? Or maybe hundreds of people claim Freedom Checks a scam? With this, we want to figure it out so that our readers do not fall into the hands of scammers.

Freedom Checks Review: What Are They?

First, the name Freedom Checks is a program based on a working investment strategy. For example, investors receive a monthly or quarterly income from the money they have put in an investment. Let me explain in simple terms. Investing in a program like this means that you buy divisions of the company and then get back some of the profits. The amount of this profit depends on how the company operates. They often invest in corporations whose work is related to natural resources. And part of the income from them goes to the state. However, the main idea of ​​Freedom Checks is that these companies would rather give their profits to those who invest in them than to the government.

Badiali claims that out of 568 similar companies, he recommends only five of them to own or control a billion dollars in raw materials. So how much can you get according to the freedom checks review? Of course, this depends on the size of your investment. After all, the percentage will be calculated from this amount. This is usually in the range of 5 to 9 percent. It means that if you only invest $10, you will receive less than $1 per year. Freedom Checks advertising does not hide such a small profit but on the contrary in this way tries to attract new investors among us. After all, big money comes only if you invest big money.

Badiali doesn’t technically “sell” Freedom Checks. He sells newsletter subscriptions. The report he submits to Freedom Checks is simply an explanation of five MLP programs he recommends. Are Freedom Checks Legitimate? So let’s assume for now that Freedom Checks is legit but a marketing gimmick that gets you to buy subscription services. You can make money by investing in MLP but it is far from being as easy as you might think. Be patient, and you will get freedom checks to review in detail.

Matt Badiali: Who Is He and Can We Trust Him?

This man has been an expert in the mining industries and energy for over 20 years. For a time he taught geology at the University of Southern California and Duke University. It would seem why it is impossible to entrust such an experienced specialist? The Freedom Checks review is directly related to this name, so we need to figure it out.

When Matt released a video of his Freedom Checks, many people wanted to know how they could get involved. Getting five-digit checks and doing nothing is always nice. And even the authors of our blog would not refuse such an offer. However, the experience gained in our other analyzes taught us to first carefully check, and only then invest money in something. From childhood, we were all instilled in how important it is to study well and work hard to achieve success in our careers, isn’t it? And are Freedom Checks Legit? In commercials, Mr. Badiali speaks beautifully, convincingly, and simply. It would seem that nothing prevents you from investing a small amount first, and then making a profit. However, the words of a well-known person in a certain field should not be enough to convince you. Imagine the situation. Your favorite actor supports a different presidential candidate than you. Will you change your mind? We think not. Let’s find out what Mr. Badiali offers to us.

Awesome Freedom Checks Review on Work

are freedom checks legit

Freedom Checks includes several videos, where Mr. Badiali talks about the specifics of the work. The second video is rather clear and was released based on the Freedom Checks review of the first. If you buy shares of a separate company, then the company rewards you with the annual profitability of your investment.

You become a shareholder, but the technical term is a shareholder in these MLP companies. And then you should hope that they will succeed, otherwise, your investments will not pay off. Why are the companies profitable? This is a serious tax breaking for the company, and the income paid by their feud holders is 90% of the company’s overall income for the year. Therefore, such a system of earnings can be successful. According to Matt’s awesome freedom checks review, another advantage for investors is that, as companies that do not need to pay, the profit received for the company. Investors also do not have to pay taxes from this income.

However, the tax is paid if you decide to sell your part to a third party. Thus, even you need to do this to invest money in a successful company and that’s it. But how to find out much better if you have no experience? Here the Free Checks program comes into play. Recommendations are played there only to 5 companies with which it is advantageous to work according to Mr. Here is the list:

  • San Juan Basin Royalty Trust;
  • CatchMark Timber Trust;
  • SunCoke Energy Partners;
  • Pembina Pipeline;
  • Sabine Royalty Trust.

Freedom Checks Review: What You Will Get

Companies usually pay between 5% and 10% per annum on your investment. The average is considered but none of the companies participating in the MLP pay more than 10% per year. And this is one of the main reasons to ask: “Are Freedom Checks legit”? Since the program claims the opposite. This is an annual subscription-based program. There are only 3 subscriptions and the amount varies from $79 to $496 per year. Depending on the chosen subscription, you will receive a printed or electronic booklet with detailed information on the activities of 5 companies and how to invest in them.

Are Freedom Checks Legitimate?

freedom checks review

There is no exact information about the legitimacy of the program. However, the very idea of such a program is not fraudulent. If you want to get awesome Freedom Checks Review, then you need to analyze user reviews, as well as to conduct an independent analysis of the work. After that, you will be able to understand whether they are deceiving you or not. Don’t worry, we will of course help our readers. Below you will find a few reviews that cause us doubts, as well as other signs that will help answer the question: “Are Freedom Checks legit”?

U.S. Freedom Checks Review by Users

We found a lot of reviews where users said about their large amounts. For example, look at one of such. A man claimed that he has earned over $140 000 per year. Agree that this sounds extremely tempting. Who does not dream of earning such amounts sitting on the couch and doing nothing? However, is it worth trusting? It’s like scam advertising, where you see a screen of correspondence where a friend recommends an application for making money or dating. It seems convincing, but thousands of such statements raise reasonable doubts. Freedom Checks review can be written by a person who has some kind of financial interest in your registration. It sounds like an interesting and informative article, but it is a good marketing strategy designed to keep you interested in the opportunity.

Are Freedom Checks Legitimate Due to Other Factors?

Despite false advertising, overpriced annual subscriptions, and loud promises that do not correspond to reality, the program cannot be accused of fraud. The program is misleading you. And of course, you will receive some kind of earnings but not hundreds of thousands per year or per quarter. Get Freedom Checks to review before becoming a member and buy a subscription. Consider whether you should subscribe to this program, which is technically not a scam, but you will not receive a five-digit check in the mail just for registration. But you will have to invest enough money, and they will not pay off.

It depends only on you whether you want to try your luck and make money in this way. There are many less risky ways to earn extra money. Of course, these are not large amounts but with a 100 % payment. We do not recommend our readers to rely on Freedom Checks as a solution to all their financial problems. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Stay with us and very soon we will post a new interesting article. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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