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Watch Gang Review: What Is It, Subscription Features, and Can You Trust the Watch Gang Club

watch gang subscription review

When you want to buy some stylish and branded accessories, you probably turn to the Internet for help. Recently, very often the search engine advises us the Watch Gang. The brand was well received by popular media (BuzzFeed, Men’s Health, etc.) Therefore, we decided to conduct our own investigation and find out more about this brand and the opportunities it provides to customers. Read our Watch Gang review carefully and only then make a conclusion about whether this is good for you or not. Enjoy reading!

Watch Gang: Original Review on History

In 2016, according to the founders of Watch Gang, lovers of beautiful watches had the opportunity to learn more about them, and the true collectors replenish their collections. The founder is considered to be Matthew Gallahher. He always liked watches, but before he believed that they were only a way to decorate accessories and did not have real emotional significance. However, after the tragedy that occurred with his father, he changed his mind. And the watches that a father presented to Gallagher became a precious family relic. By Watch Gang reviews, the company’s goal was to establish the relevant relations between the owners and their watches. Sounds like something noble, isn’t it? Representatives of the brand monthly send the new watches that they want for an unlimited time. This is done in order that each client can feel the emotions that the founder received with a donated watch. You do not know what clock you would receive until you open the parcel. However, such surprises cause doubts and some people think that a company is just a fraud. Among other offers of the company are different levels of subscriptions of cheaper and expensive watches. According to the watchgang.com reviews, the club granitizes that the cost of the watches you received exceeds the monthly subscription fee.

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Watch Gang Subscription Review

The terms of the subscription must be beneficial to both parties to the agreement. However, if you examine the Watch Gang subscription, at first glance, it seems that only the customers have a benefit. This element is alarming thousands of potential customers. But our regular readers know that this does not happen. So we decided to show you the pros and cons of it. What are the benefits of a subscription according to the watchgang.com review?

  • You can easily increase the parameters of your watch.
  • You can keep all the hours for yourself.
  • You would be able to get a watch that costs much more than you paid for the monthly fee.
  • You would know the fashionable styles and trends of each season.
  • Delivery is carried out all over the world.
  • There are subscriptions where you can choose the watch that would be sent to you. Several positive reviews about the watch.

What are the disadvantages according to the Watch Gang black review?

  • Due to the mysterious element, this can be seen as a high price to pay for something you might not like.
  • Many questions were raised about quality and price ratings.
  • International shipping can be very expensive and your watch may cost more than the original cost.
  • If you do not like the watch, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • You would not be able to choose the size of the watch according to your wrist. Therefore, you would have to look for a master yourself who would adjust the size.

The Watch Gang Reviews on Work

When you choose a plan, Watch Gang lets you get a new item every month. However, watches are carefully selected and will not be disclosed to members until they are received. You just need to enter your full name and email address to create a profile without additional verification. Log in to start the quiz to determine your favorite styles, such as a leader or adventurer. Then you enter your shipping address and choose one of the subscriptions. Each can be configured for monthly, quarterly, or on-demand delivery. You can choose three pricing ranges: original ($50-$150), black ($100-$500), platinum ($300-$1500). By the way, according to the Watch Gang black review, the black range is the most popular.

Is Watch Gang Legit?

Is Watch Gang Legit?

Whatever proposal for a deal we see on the Internet, it is always worth reflecting on its legality. This simple precaution and a little investigation can help you avoid scams. Watch Gang club positions itself as a reliable community. However, is it so? Let’s figure it out further.

Watch Club Reviews: Is It Worth It?

According to monthly Watch club reviews, it’s not as good as it sounds. Many people complain about the quality. Plus, investing heavily in buying things you’re not sure about may not be a good idea. Plus, if you’re very picky, getting a watch accidentally might not be the best choice either. On the other hand, if you are a watch lover or are sure that the “surprise watch” would not upset you, then Watch Gang watches are a really interesting choice and a way to quickly assemble your collection and get something more valuable.

Is Watch a Month Legit due to the Clients’ Reviews?

We have reviewed existing consumer reviews and blog review articles to give a full assessment of the club and its offerings. Popular media praised the variety of watches, familiarity with a brand they didn’t know about, and the pleasure and ease of creating a collection. However, there are also concerns, for example on the Reddit platform. There is a heated debate about the Watch Gang scam. Some users are critical of the value of the watch. While you can get watches similar to those recommended there, more often than not, you get watches close to the base subscription price. Some users even assume they are useless. Users say they solve this problem by using bizarre pricing methods to be able to tell the watch is worth more than theirs. Management believes that many of the problems stem from people’s attention to old valuations, eBay quotes, or sales that do not reflect market value. Initially, this seems like a bigger problem. The lower end of the price range represents relatively cheap watches in general, so there are more quality issues than at other tiers. Although the size of the watch is adjustable and fits most people close to average, it cannot provide Watch Gang with your size. Concerning shipping issues, return policies, etc., there are no special comments from customers. It turns out that the offer is legal and not a scam. However, you may be disappointed with the choice and quality of the watch.

Watch of the Month Club: Review on Items

Watch of the Month Club: Review on Items

Let’s take a look at a few reviews of popular accessories.

  • Tag Heuer Autavia. This collection is one of the most popular. A brown leather strap with white stitching complements the sleek black dial and silver case. This issue is the prize for the weekly draw for August 2020. You can get Tag watches with a Platinum subscription, but for a collection that sells for a retail price. The price of the watch is about $4,000.
  • Fortuna Michael. The sporty and stylish design features a black surface, stainless steel case with white lettering and stitching. The strap is hand-made of calfskin and the glass surface is anti-reflective. Some people think it is too busy.
  • Rolex GMT Master II. It has a 24-hour dial and the ability to track two time zones at the same time. It was originally designed in 1955 for those who had to travel frequently to and from different time zones. The blue-red division is used to represent day and night.

Of course, this is not the entire assortment, but only the three most popular ones. If you’re interested, just visit their official website and check it out for yourself.
So let’s summarize our watch-a-month club review. This is a legitimate offer since you would receive the watch. Although, it is not a fact that you would like them and you would be satisfied with such an acquisition. What you are looking for also plays a role. If you need a wide range of watch series and it is not important for you that it was one specific brand, then this is an affordable and simple solution. Be sure to study all available reviews to take into account all the risks and benefits. We cannot decide for you. However, we have done our best to help you make your choice. What do you think about this? Is it worth the risk to buy a subscription? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading our article to the end. New exciting and useful articles await you next week. Be sure to read them. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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