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What are Phone Scam Calls: Identify Them and Protect Yourself

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Can you imagine your life without your phone? This is already quite difficult, isn’t it? The phone has long been used for more than just phone calls. Nowadays, even during a telephone conversation, we can google some information to check its reliability. However, why are scams on phone calls still so successful at taking money away from people? While technology develops, scammers are also on the move.

They come up with new ways to win over a person so that he/she can trust and give his/her money voluntarily. Or they play the role of an aggressor and the person gives money for protection. Be very careful while reading our article, as this relevant and interesting information may be needed by you soon. The call scam will come unexpected, and you must be ready.

What is a call scam?

To receive money illegally from you, a personal meeting is not always needed, just a phone call is enough. When the central part of a scam plays a phone call, it is named a call scam. There is no conclusive evidence that telephone operators are leaking phone numbers to scammers. On the contrary, telephone operators are stepping up security measures due to the increasing number of telephone scam victims. For example, they periodically remind consumers that they are not asking for any personal information over the phone.

What lies will scams phone calls make you believe?

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Even if you have encountered phone scams, this is not a guarantee that next time you will be able to save your money and nerves. Feel free to report phone call scams to protect others. Your story may help someone. Let us give you examples of the most common lies that scammers might try to convince you of.

Your number won a prize

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like gifts or pleasant surprises. When an unfamiliar number calls you and says that you are lucky, you want to believe it. The nuances of the scheme: “Congratulations, you have won a prize” may be different, but the goal does not change. For example, you may be told that you won the car, but you need to pay for its registration and insurance. You may even be invited to look at and choose a model, color, etc. What scammer does decide to meet in person, right? However, it is a good psychological trap. As soon as you give the money, no matter how you try to call a scammer later, you will not succeed. According to a scam phone calls report, hundreds of thousands of calls are made a day with a similar “nice prize” attachment.

Your credit card is blocked

When you issued a credit card, the bank employee most likely informed you that the bank does not request the client’s data by phone. It may not be a call, but a message with a request to call back at the specified number. Be sure that it is a call forwarding scam. All you need to do is contact the bank on the official phone number and clarify the situation.

Scam phone call reporting will help the bank protect your money if scammers receive information about your bank account.

It is a call from a state body

How often does the tax office call you? Even if this is an official call, they will invite you to come to their office and resolve all issues personally or by mail. You may be threatened with fines, confiscation of property, or going to jail if you do not pay your debt immediately. At the same time, you will not be provided with any evidence that there is such a debt. Even if there is evidence, you cannot be sure that it is not a fake. You can report a tax scam phone call not only to the tax office but also to the police.

Your behavior if you speak to a scammer

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Many people are afraid to pick up the phone if an unknown number rings. Nevertheless knowing for sure that a scammer is calling is impossible, is it? If you haven’t answered the phone, then google the number on the Internet. If this is a scammer, then other victims could post his number on the Internet to warn everyone. In this case, do not call scam numbers back. If you answered a phone call and the caller does not inspire confidence in you, then caution does not hurt. Remember these simple tips and stick to them:

  • Take your time to make a decision;
  • Check all the information you heard on the Internet;
  • Hang up if the conversation is not interesting or pleasant to you.

Important! When someone calls you and is silent on the phone, this is called a ping call scam. Just block the phone number, since the purpose of such a call is to find out something about you (gender, approximate age by voice) or a threat. Some scam phone call numbers you can find on special forums on the Internet.

What if I gave money to scammers

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If you are faced with fraud, then first of all you need to report call scams. It is almost impossible to return the money you gave to the scammer, but there is a chance if you act immediately.

  • Payment by credit card. Under certain circumstances, the bank may cancel the transaction when you make a credit card payment. Contact your bank and provide a scam call report.
  • Payment by a wire transfer. Your actions should be the same as in the case of a credit card. However, you need to contact not a bank but the transfer company.
  • In a case, if a scammer received access to your passwords, immediately change them all.

Scam calls report must also be submitted to specially created organizations that maintain statistics and develop methods to combat scams. Such organizations create a unified base of scam phone call numbers and release phone numbers to the public every day. It helps keep other people from being scammed and helps law enforcement to prosecute fraudsters. Scam phone call reporting is the first step on a way to victory against scams. 123ChargeBack provides an opportunity to report a scam.

All that you need to do is to fill in a special form. We sincerely hope that you will not fall into the networks of scammers, since you already have the necessary information and will be able to protect yourself. However, if such a nuisance happened, then you should not be upset, since this is not your fault. Always remember that many scammers are good psychologists, so it is not difficult for them to understand your behavior and come up with a new way to scam. Thank you for reading us. We also have a lot of articles about other kinds of scams. Don’t forget to read them too!

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