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What Is a Brushing Scam, How Does It Work, How to Stop It, and Who to Report to

What Is a Brushing Scam

Do you know what is a scam called brushing? Regardless of the answer, we advise you to read our article to the end. We will answer not only this question but also talk about the specifics of the work and the most popular examples of a brushing scam. However, before we start, ask yourself the question: “What would you do if you received a cool package from Amazon, but did not order it?” Hundreds of people receive such “gifts” every day and everyone’s reaction is different – someone is happy, and someone considers themself a victim of scams. So let’s figure out who is right and what generally needs to be done in such situations.

What Is a Brushing Scam?

brushing scam definition is not a new thing. However, this was announced more often during Covis-19. Items or empty packages may be sent to your name that you did not order with only one purpose – to increase the rating of the store on your behalf. Without realizing it, you become their client and have a right to post any review on receiving items. However, it would be strange if you wrote that the store gave you a gift and therefore you recommend it. Such reviews are usually not trusted. If the store was able to send you a parcel, then it would be able to independently leave a review on the Internet on your behalf. What is brushing amazon scam? This is the same dispatch of unordered parcels. However, in this case, it becomes at least clear how your personal data could be obtained for this.

How Does Brushing Work Scam?

The appearance of disordered packages from large companies on your doorstep and without your order is not as great as it might seem at first. They usually don’t have a return address. Most often, these are small packages in weight and dimensions, so as not to overpay for transportation, but there are also exceptions. For example, in 2020, there was a recorded message about parcels containing appliances – phones, headphones, music speakers, etc. According to a BBB investigation, the goal was to increase the rating of its products on e-commerce sites. This can lead to more online sales. Using your address, they present you as a verified buyer of the item. These companies would then post fake online reviews to complement the products they submit. The most common complaints about this come from the well-known Amazon platform. To view an item on Amazon, you need to actually order it. Amazon marks you as a Verified Buyer. By receiving this label, you would be able to post online reviews of your ordered products. When a company sends you their products without your pre-ordering, they would turn you into a verified buyer. They can then post positive reviews of their products online, all reviews being held in your name. This raises the level of cybercrime. Companies also use fraudulent methods to increase sales through fraud. Now, do understand the key points of brushing scam and what credit impact does it have? It may happen if someone stoles your personal data.

Brushing Scam Amazon: What to Do and Why It Is Bad

Brushing Scam Amazon

“What can I do about brushing scam”? Such thought may appear when you receive something free on your doorstep. So you need to report about it and change your passwords in accounts. We will discuss these important steps in more detail a little bit later. Something for free can be bad for several reasons:

  • Fake reviews can lead people to buy things that are useless. If you’re considering buying a product or service and doing research, you usually check reviews, right? If it is fake, and you buy a worthless item, then the money would be wasted.
  • Your personal data is used by people. However, how did they get it? It is hard to say. But it is better not to waste your time on Googling “amazon brushing scam what to do” and know about the first steps in advance. Are you wondering how to stop brushing amazon? Here is the same scenario as with any other company. Find out below.

How to Stop a Brushing Scam?

If you receive packages that you did not order, you can keep them for yourself as instructed by the FTC. Also, US law prohibits everyone from sending you items you did not order and then charging you a fee. If you suspect that you have become the target of such a scam and wondering how to fix the scam brushing, follow these steps:

  • The biggest concern is that someone might have access to your personal information. This could mean that criminals have hacked your password and could gain access to your online account. Then, the first step you need to take now is to change the passwords for your credit card, bank, streaming media, and other online accounts. Make sure cybercriminals and scammers cannot gain access to your financial and personal information. That is why changing a password is a wise decision.
  • It is also wise to check your credit card and bank statement. Recheck your transaction history using a report from a bank or internet banking. Perhaps you will find some kind of suspicious transactions. If attackers gain access to your online account, they can try to clear your bank account or charge your credit card a fee. If you find anything suspicious, contact your bank immediately.

How to Report a Brushing Scam?

How to Report a Brushing Scam?

First of all, you need to inform the seller about this, perhaps an error has occurred. For example, if a seller from Amazon sent you something, then contact the department of this platform. If you do not know who the package came from, please inform ftc.gov about it.

Free products can do you more harm than benefits because you cannot be sure how else they can use your personal data. We hope that now you know the answers to at least two of the most important questions:

  • What is a brushing scam?
  • Who to report a brushing scam to?

Thank you for reading the article to the end. Stay tuned for more!

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