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What is the Car Wrap Advertising Scam and How to Avoid It and Protect Yourself?

car wrap scam

How often do you see ads on cars? For example, there is a Toyota at a traffic light, and on it is an advertisement for sushi delivery. Do you think this is a car of this company or the owner of the car was simply paid for advertising? Car advertising is a real way of earning money, which is often used by scammers. Let’s take a closer look at the car wrap advertising scam.

What are car advertising scams?

You may receive a letter about a profitable financial offer, or you may see an ad on the Internet and become interested. The way of delivering information plays the last role in this type of fraud. So how does a car wrap scam work? Scammers lull your vigilance with a bargain and the promise of good money. You are offered to place an advertisement for a well-known company on your car.

You agree, because you have already seen cars with the same advertising around the city and a check for $ 2000 is not superfluous. You seem to get the promised money but you can cash it out after the ad expires. Then you are asked to pay the company that will advertise on the car, for example, $ 500. The $ 1,500 profit isn’t bad either, is it? The essence of the car advertising scam is that you transfer the money back to the scammers, and the check turns out to be a fake. And then it turns out that you gave your money without receiving anything in return.

How to avoid car wrap advertising scams?

car advertising scams

The fact that you are being asked to pay for advertising on your car by yourself is already the main signal of fraud and in no case should you agree to the offer. After all, if the official representatives contacted you, then they themselves will pay the company with which they cooperate, and will not ask you about it. Protect yourself and report a scam at 123chargeback.com if you receive such an offer. Thank you for reading us and see you

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