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Hacked on Facebook Messenger: What to Do and Is It Possible to Define a Facebook Chat Hack

what to do if the Messenger is hacked

Millions of people use different apps for messaging, photos, videos, and fun stickers. Facebook Messenger is one of them. We have already discussed scams on the Facebook Marketplace. Today, let’s figure out what to do if hacked on Facebook Messenger? Enjoy the reading!

Facebook Messenger: What Is It?

This is a free mobile application. Its advantage is that the application can be used to communicate with both your phonebook contacts and your Facebook friends. Why is that? The point is that this is a separate application. Therefore, the settings are sent either through the phone number or your Facebook profile. In addition to basic functions, you can also record voice messages and make video calls. However, can Facebook Messenger be hacked? Unfortunately, yes, it can. We will definitely discuss the first signals and what to do if the Messenger is hacked. Aside from this risk, there are others to watch out for. For example, receiving inappropriate content, intimidation, communicating with scammers, and others.

Someone Hacked Facebook Messenger: First Signs

hacked Facebook Messenger

If you suspect that your Facebook Messenger is getting hacked or that someone else has access to it, then don’t panic. First, you need to check everything and take appropriate actions that can protect you. The reasons for hacking can be different. The most harmless thing is they decided to joke at you, and the most dangerous option is to steal your personal data and money. Among the most obvious signs that Facebook hacked Messenger:

Someone Is Trying to Change Their Email Address or Password

Most often, users assign e-mail to their profile, and if you receive a message about changing your password or are asked to follow a link for security purposes, then most likely it is a Facebook hack Messenger. In this case, you need to immediately inform the developers of the application on their official mail or other means of communication.

The Name or Date of Birth Has Been Changed

Periodically view the information that you filled out on your Facebook page. After all, if someone got access to it, then your Messenger can be hacked. For what purpose this is done, only a fraudster knows, however, other people will be deceived on your behalf. And the process of proving that it was not you are not always fast.

Unknown Friend Requests from You

As you already understood, despite the different independent applications, the relationship of Messenger with Facebook is obvious. Therefore, check not only the contact information on the page but also to whom the friend requests were sent on your behalf. Facebook Messenger hack can be at any time. Set up notifications in the app to be notified of activities on your profile, like new chats or friend requests.

Messages that Were not Sent by You

This is one of the most obvious signs of a Facebook chat hack. If this is some kind of ordinary set of letters, then we can assume that this is your child while playing on the phone or watching a cartoon. But meaningful messages, the introduction of dialogue already speak volumes. In addition to actions aimed at protecting you, you can also contact the interlocutor through your friends and inform him/her that it is not you who are writing to him/her. Perhaps this way you will save someone from the sad fate of a victim of fraud.

Facebook Messenger Video Hack

Our regular readers already know that in no case should you follow links or insert suspicious videos from strangers. However, sometimes you can come across this about your friends. After all, your friend may be hacked on Facebook Messenger. Of course, you will not call every time and ask: “Have you sent me a video now?” But if something alarmed you, it will not be superfluous to ask again, will it?

Facebook Messenger Hacked: What to Do?

hacked on Facebook Messenger

Let us remind you of the first rule – don’t panic. A person during a stressful situation is not always collected and may lose sight of the necessary and important details. Give yourself 5 minutes to calm down, and then immediately start taking action, which we will describe in more detail below.

Immediately Alert All Your Friends

What to do if Facebook Messenger is hacked? Use other communication applications, phone calls to warn all your friends about the hacking. This will help prevent further damage that has already been or could be done to your friends. Also, be sure to publish a post on Facebook, (also on Instagram), so that as many people as possible find out about this and do not open suspicious messages from you. This can help reduce the number of fraudsters affected by your Messenger.

Immediately Change All Passwords

What to do if hacked on Facebook? Change the password. When you try to perform this action, the application will ask for your existing password. And only after its introduction, you can continue. There are several options here. You have not been hacked or the scammers have not changed your password. Then you will successfully change it, and in case of hacking, the fraudster will come to perform a second authorization. Or you may not be able to change your password. Then contact the support of an app to take back control of the page.

Immediately Check Your Activity

How to deal with a Facebook hack? It is time to check your activity during the year. If your Messenger is connected to Facebook, it is very easy to do this. Use the Facebook app and go to the Settings section. There you can check absolutely all the actions that you performed. For example, what posts you published in your feed, what comments you wrote and under what posts, what photos and videos you liked, etc. Also, you can see the IP addresses from which you logged into your profile. Look carefully to check if everything belongs to you. Remember that this address does not change and depends on the device from which you are logging in. If you are not sure which IP address is yours, then log in and determine your address in time. Then immediately report suspicious IP addresses to support service. By the way, it is how you can find out the approximate date of the hack.
Hacked on Facebook Messenger: what to do? Trust us that all the tips above can help you. In addition, the application has a good degree of protection, and you can set up notifications about suspicious logins to your account. We hope you never have to put these tips into practice. Has your profile ever been hacked? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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