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What to Do if You Get Scammed?

got scammed

Dear readers, we have created a new article on how to secure you from scams and know how to restore justice!

Abstract to the article:

  • Freeze your credit card;
  • Creating reports;
  • Go to support of a bank;
  • Recall the transaction or transfer;
  • Get rid of gift cards;
  • Social Security number;
  • Upload malware

Discover what to do if you paid someone you believe is a hoax, provided them some private information, or if they have entrance to your phone or computer. In this article, we will talk about what to do if you get scammed.

They say sweet, pretty lies only to make you soft and vulnerable. Scammer’s speech can be very persuasive. People get scammed by phone calls, emails, text messages every minute.

If you’ve been scammed online, the scammer who took your information can bring destruction to your life and dry your bills. Despite what’s been taken from you in material form, you should be aware of the next attacks because fraudsters like to repeat their trick with those who think “I got scammed once, they won’t pick me up again”. Our article is dedicated to those people who already got on the hook of a scammer.

What to Do If You Get Scammed Online?

I just got scammed

Freeze Your Credit or Bank Account

The most typical way of being scammed is to credit card skimming scams. If someone got information about your credit card password and login information you can just reset your password. If someone revealed information about the numbers of your CVC, month and year expiries date, etc you should block or freeze this card.

Making Reports or How to Get a Scammer In Trouble

If you want to restore justice you have to cooperate with state bodies like the police, FTC, and other bodies which duty is to guard you against evil schemes and punish scammers. Many fraudsters don’t bother their minds about mechanisms on how to protect themselves from justice. Your willingness to give a fightback can make a real difference.

Make a Thunderstorm to the Support of Your Bank

I got scammed what can I do? Go to the bank or call on its support line. Your bank has to secure your credit and debit card from unauthorized transactions. Don’t think that you can bother someone or your bank is not interested in helping you. Tell the support it was a miserable charge. Ask them to reverse the payment and return you your money back.

Get Into the Trick with Gift Cards?

I got scammed

If you are trapped in the scam with gift cards you can go straight and tell the company that issued this card. Tell them it was a scam and you need their help. They would love to avoid the next scandal with their gifting system.

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Did You Send Your Money by PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram?

Go and ask for help! For instance, support of PayPal can easily cancel the transaction because the company knows very well a problem with scammers and is ready to make some effort. Don’t think that “I just got scammed, nobody will help me”.

A Scammer Got Your Social Security Number?

Visit the official page of FTC’s IdentityTheft.gov if you think you got scammed. Read the reliable information and see what steps you should take.

Remote Access to Your Computer in the Hands of Scammer?

Upload a strong malware. Sometimes you can even use it against him or her to make the scammer get scammed.

You Can Restore Control to Your Smartphone!

Contact your provider if you think someone takes control of your mobile phone. You can also install antivirus software to restore control.

Thinking about how to get scammed? In 2021 there are hundreds of ways to rob you on the Net. Don’t be sure that this threat will avoid you. We have collected the information tips How to Avoid Scam: Red Flags, Basic Signs & Ways How to Avoid Frauds. You can read this article as well to know how to avoid online threats.

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