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What Types of Tinder Scams Can You Encounter and How to Recognize Them Easily

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When we think of online fraud, the first thing that comes to mind is the sites where we can buy or sell something. However, what if such sites are not the only platform for scammers? Unfortunately, all the fashionable websites and social networks that we actively use can become a place for a scam. Dating sites and special apps are also no exception. You have heard about Tinder, haven’t you? Tinder scams are becoming popular in parallel with the popularity of the app. We mean not the cases where a person who cheated about his appearance just came to you on a date but about more serious cases. It may surprise you that this application can also cause you to lose your money but it is. We want to tell you more about them. Enjoy the reading!

What is Tinder?

Tinder has been one of the more popular dating platforms lately. You can download it to your phone or go to the official website. The usage algorithm is simple. You are looking through the profiles and like the ones you like. If someone from those who liked you also shows sympathy, then you will have a chance to chat and to know each other better. You can become friends or lovers. The rest is up to you!

How to define scams on Tinder?

On dating sites or apps, you least expect to meet a scammer. The maximum that can happen in your opinion is an acquaintance with an inadequate fan or an annoying fan. Therefore, before talking about common tinder scams, we want to share what signs can tell you that you are communicating with a scammer.

  1. If you saw a photo of a celebrity, then the correct conclusion suggests itself. However, more advanced scammers began to use real photographs of people but still well-photographed, so that you probably want to get to know each other. Of course, this is not an obvious sign of fraud, but it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
  2. The purpose of using Tinder is to get to know someone for communication or love relationships, right? However, how do you understand an empty profile? Most likely it is a Tinder scam.
  3. Your interlocutor writes messages so quickly as if he/she simply copies and pastes a previously invented text. Or he/she too quickly turns the conversation into a sexual context. Perhaps this is just a too liberated person, or maybe the fraudster wants you to relax and lull your vigilance.
  4. Too personal questions about your past can also lead to a scam on Tinder. When these are simple and unobtrusive questions that you also can ask, then there is nothing wrong with that. However, if the interlocutor asks the same questions several times, wanting to get a more detailed answer, then you should be wary.
  5. Is Tinder a scam? No, it is not. However, the links that are sent to you listed on someone else’s profile may be fraudulent.
  6. You can communicate with a person for some time, perhaps sympathy has already arisen between you. And suddenly he/she writes you a heartbreaking story about urgent fundraising for treatment. Of course, this could be a real call for help but pay attention to the details. If a person avoids direct answers to questions, refuses to meet in person, then this may be one of the Tinder money scams.

Tinder system scam: examples

tinder scam

To avoid fraud in Tinder, you need to know exactly how they can try to deceive you. This will help avoid the same deceptions or recognize similar ones. Let’s take a look at the most common Tinder scams 2020.

Verification of your account

When you sign up, Tinder’s security policy wants to make sure you are a real person and not a bot. Therefore asks you to verify the phone number Tinder. The interlocutor may tell you that your account is not susceptible and he is afraid that you are a scammer and throws a verification link. If you follow the link and enter your data, it will be the fraudster who will receive it, and not the technical support of the application.

Tinder bot phone number

Of course, it is impossible to use the application without specifying your phone number during registration. However, this does not guarantee that your further communication will be with a person and not with a bot. There are many subspecies of scams on the Tinder phone number. Fraudsters can attract you with a lucrative offer, saying that they have already used it and were satisfied. They may say that they want to send you a gift. And for this, they only need your phone number. Why do they need it? This may no longer be a Tinder scam but a phone one. Also, a scammer can tell that he/she is sitting in Tinder from a computer, and the phone is dead, and an urgent need to receive an SMS with a code. If you were asked to send a code to your phone, then in no case do not agree.

Tinder video scam

You have coincided with sympathy with a Nice Guy or Girl. You chat, joke, maybe send each other funny photos. And so your interlocutor sends you a video asking you to watch something funny. You go and you may not even notice that this is a link to a video and you have already gone to a site unknown to you. This type of fraud has a close connection with a Tinder phone number bot because most often such links are sent by bots, not real people. Also, the scammer can ask you to communicate in video chat. You can agree to do it but only on known platforms like Skype. However, go to the site yourself, and do not follow the link that you might have been thrown for a quick connection. Recently, the Tinder video chat scam has become the most popular.

Tinder credit card scam

It would seem that we all know that you cannot transfer your credit card information. However, every time the scammers come up with schemes for extracting this information from us. For this, not one but several types of fraud can be used. For example, a scammer uses a Tinder bots phone number for communication and his/her further steps. Sometimes you may even get an offer to buy something you have wanted for a long time at a bargain price. And you are in a state of euphoria, can follow the link for payment. This way the credit card details will be obtained. However, there are fewer and fewer fraud victims who were deceived in this way, and the scammers have come up with a new one, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Tinder gold scam

When you constantly use a dating app, then at least once thought about buying paid services of such an app. And now you get an offer to buy these services at a discount or get them for free. You will be interested in this, won’t you? Even if the thought comes to you: “What if this is the Tinder scam’s phone number that everyone is talking about so much”? It will be difficult for you to pacify curiosity and not even know the terms of the deal. In the end, you voluntarily give access to your bank accounts.

Tinder hookup scams: how to protect yourself from them?

is tinder a scam

If you have a concern that some accounts tinder a scam, then contact Tinder support. Tell us about all the details that alerted you and they will check your account for authenticity. You should remember that the tinder advisor verification system never contacts you from a non-official account or third person. You can also report a scam on our blog, we will be happy to help you and warn others about this. Do not be afraid to claim that you were a victim of one of the tinder phone number scams. These scammers should be ashamed, not you.

Now you have learned that even in Tinder you need to be careful. The purpose of our articles is not to make you mistrustful and make you look for a catch in everything. The purpose is to protect you from people who think they have the right to deceive you. We hope you found it interesting to read our article to the end. Thank you for staying with us. And see you soon in the next article where we will expose new types of scams!

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